Assembly instructions for snes/nes usb PCB revision A

This page is for the online shop customers who have received a revision A PCB.

The assembly instructions found here are for the SNES/NES controller/gamepad to USB adapter project using the revision A PCB. A newer revision is available on the project page.

Required equipment:

You will need at least the following tools:

Recommended equipment:

Assembly, step by step:

Solder the 1.5 Kohms resistor. This resistor is identified with the 152 numbers. This resistor is bigger than the others to workaround an error in the PCB.
Solder the first 68 ohm resistor. (identified with the '680' numbers).
Solder the second 68 ohm resistor. (identified with the '680' numbers).
Solder the 10uf capacitor. Observe the capacitor orientation.
Solder the first crystal capacitor.
Solder the second crystal capacitor.
Solder the 330 ohm resistor. (identified with the '331' numbers.)
Solder the led. Observe how the green markings are oriented while soldering.
Solder the crystal. You can solder it on either side of the PCB. See next 3 pictures for examples.

Solder the MCU. Tack it in place by soldering only one corner pin. Align it correctly and solder the opposite pins. Finish by soldering all remaining pins. Dont forget to use flux!
Dont leave the flux on the PCB. Rinse the board with water.

Supplemental pictures:

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