Installing PSXPad

This page contains installing instructions for PSXPad on windows 2000.

Download PSXPad directly here or from PSXPad's website.
Save it somewhere:

Unzip PSXPad's files somewhere:

Execute PSXPad's installation program, PSXSetup.exe

Choose installation mode and click next.

Choose the controller type. In this case, Super Nintendo.

Choose standard:

Choose the number of controllers.

Choose the parallel port address. Usually 0x378.

Click on Finish.

Windows may complain about this driver not being digitally signed. Just ignore those messages and click Yes.


Click on Finish:

Windows will now detect the controller.

And may complain again...

The installation is finished. To check that it's really working, go to control panel, Game controllers..

An entry for 'Psx Gamepad 1' should be present. Select it and click on Properties:

A window like this one should appear:

You can now test the buttons: